West-Bengal -Andhra Pradesh freight corridor to get investment of Rs 44,000 crore on from Railways


Indian Railways plans to invest Rs 44,000 crore to build a 1,100-km greenfield freight corridor along the country’s east coast to connect Kharagpur in West Bengal with Vijaywada in Andhra Pradesh.

This proposed corridor – likely to be announced in the budget proposal for 2019-20 – will link up the mineral-rich areas of the country with industries in the south and is expected to carry about 200 million tonnes of freight per annum.

There is very heavy traffic on this route. The work on the proposal is currently going on

– Anurag Sachan, managing director at Dedicated Freight Corridor Corporation (DFCC)

These corridors will increase the national transporter freight carrying capacity to over 2,000 million tonnes, up around 66% from the existing 1,200 million tonnes.

The first phase of both corridors – 432 km of the Western corridor and 343 km of the Eastern one – is likely to be operational by the end of the current fiscal itself.

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